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When subjected to a warm environment, the natural cooling process involves perspiration to keep our core temperature stabilized at approximately 98.6 degrees F (37.2 degrees C). When moisture on the skin evaporates, it draws heat out of the body to keep the internal temperature constant. The more humid the air (i.e., the more moisture the air contains), the harder it is for the body to achieve this cooling effect through the evaporation of sweat. In the DermaLifeTM System, evaporation is impeded due to the high moisture content of the air. The high moisture level actually causes condensation on oneís body to become the primary heat transfer mechanism warming the body. One will still perspire just as heavily, but their sweat simply does not evaporate. In the DermaLifeTM HydrofusionTM System, oneís body is literally enveloped in a blanket of condensation, bringing moisture and fresh oxygen to the surface of their skin. The powerful cleansing and healing effects of hyperthermia do not occur until your core temperature is elevated to a minimum of 101 degrees F. Time periods in excess of one half hour are typically required in traditional dry heat saunas to reach this internal temperature range. In the DermaLifeTM HydrofusionTM System, however, the hyperthermic range can generally be reached in less than fifteen minutes.


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